Electrical Panel

Most home owners do not have a clue of what of dangers lurke in the main electrical panel. As a home inspector I am all too aware of what home owners do or fail to do when it comes to the main electrical panel. Dubble lugging is one of the most common occurances I see at many of the home inspections I perform for my clients. Double Lugging is adding another circuit on the same breaker terminal . This can cause electrical arching and at some point in time can cause a fire, you see two wires on a terminal are suspitable to electrical vibration. The terminal on a single breaker is only made for one wire and can not be tightened enough to secure two wires. The safe soulution would be to add a double pole breaker, adding another breaker in the panel and if this is not possable you would have to add a sub panel. These are soluations that will keep the occupants safe. 

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