I went online to find a home inspector, and I am so glad that Al's site came up first. He inspected a house I was interested in, and as a result I did not purchase that house. Al saved me from thousands of dollars in needed repairs. It would have been very costly to me.

When I found another house, I was able to look at it from the perspective of Al's inspection on the first house, and was able to make a better decision. I called Al to inspect this one as well. He did a great job, and the inspection went very well with only minor repairs to be done.

Thank you, Al for all your knowledge and hard work, taking as much time as needed to do two thorough inspections and helping me make the right decision. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a home inspection. Also, thanks for making my day with your humor and laughter. You are a good man.

– Sandy

From start to finish, Al answered all my questions in a thorough professional manner. Al has the heart of a teacher and takes tremendous pride in his work. He met me right where I was at in my understanding and ultimately brought me to a comprehensive understanding of the existing conditions of our future home pic by pic, which made things very easy. His written and verbal communication helped us to address and resolve a very important issue with the property and we are looking forward to being in our new home soon. I've already referred Al to my sister. He has earned my business!

– Bill Elson

I found All House Home Inspection through the yellow pages website. Al's services were very professional and thorough, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have a home inspection. Thank you for your services, and it was a pleasure working with you.

– Chad

My Wife and I are buying a home and Al…

My Wife and I are buying a home and Al was awesome! He is a good guy, very professional and extremely thorough with his inspection. He pointed things out that I would have never thought of to look at. He has been doing this for almost 30 years and it shows in the quality of inspection and in the report. This guy knows his stuff. There are tons of requirements, laws and safety guidelines that are required for a home and Al knows them all by memory, no fumbling with a prepared list, he knows everything there is to know about inspecting and goes right to work and if he needs to crawl on the floor to measure something, he will do just that! I can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. Hands down the best in the Biz

– RJE02Buff

I hired Al by refrence, and i was not…
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I hired Al by refrence, and i was not disappionted. AllHouseInspections was worth the time and effort, it really helps to understand exactly what shape your potential purchase is in. I learned that very well with Al, and for that im very thankfull. I've also got a great appreciation for the very thorough report w/pic's that I recieved from Al. Look forward to doing more business in the future!!!!!....

– alex-1041

Would Highly Recommend, you will not be disappointed!!!!!

My Girlfriend and I decided to move up to Buffalo this year. When we found a place that we were interested in, I immediately began the search for a home inspector. All House Home Inspections was one of the first companies that I ran across. After reading reviews of other happy and satisfied customers, I decided to go with Al. This decision was probably one of the best decisions that I have made regarding real estate. The home inspection is such a crucial part of the purchase of a new home. You can't just let anyone do it. If you're in need of a home inspection, let Al do it. You will not be disappointed.

Al is very professional and will work diligently for you on your behalf. He was very flexible in scheduling the inspection and is very accommodating. On the day of the inspection he arrived early with the help of his son Jason, who is just as good as his father, they complement each other very well. They went through every inch of the house inside and out. I don't think that they missed a thing. Even after the inspection was complete, he went back to the property to gain access to the part of the home he did not have access to during the initial inspection. Most people would not do that. Thanks for being so thorough Al.

After the inspection was complete, we received the report via priority mail 2 days after and was very impressed by the presentation and content of the report. It was organized very well in a sharp plastic report cover with color photos of things that needed to be addressed, the importance of the repairs needed and their priority. After reading through the report you will have a much clearer understanding of your homes systems and structures and also proper maintenance and upkeep of you property to keep it tip top shape and have all aspects functioning optimally. Al, keep up the good work! it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your son.

– jayjmasala

great work

Very knowledgable and thorough!

– jcalks

Very Professional

I hired Al, with All House Home Inspections, to inspect a property I was interested in. The property was a multifamily home, which Al had no problems with. Al was very thourough and efficient during the inspection. He covered every part of the house, and took many pictures showing me what may need immediate attention, and things that may need attention later on. Al went over the report with me page by page which was helpful. I plan on using All House Home Inspections and Al again, as I do plan to purchase another rental property.

– markross

My wife and I used All House Home…

My wife and I used All House Home Inspections for our recent home purchase. We could not have been more satisfied with the service Al provided. He conducted an extremely thorough inspection. All possible aspects were covered and time was given to both the exterior and interior components of the house. Following the inspection, Al then provided a comprehensive report of his inspection. This summarized the entire house inspection and provided remedies for the necessary repairs. All areas needing either attention or repair were identified and illustrated through the use of photographs.

After moving into the house, I sought Al's advice on an issue which arose while painting one of the rooms. Without hesitation, he offered a strategy to resolve the problem. It worked. More importantly, this reveals Al's willingness to help and provide the best possible service.

I would highly recommend the use of All House Home Inspections Inc.

– tysonpunk

Very thorough and professional

My husband and I hired All House Home Inspections to do the home inspection at a property we were purchasing in Buffalo. I was referred to Al by a co-worker of mine. I was very pleased with Al's report. He went over almost every square inch of the house and detailed all his findings in his review. He even sat down with me to go over the official report and everything that he found. He detailed what should be immediately addressed, but he also listed items that may not need immediate attention. The report will be a great reference tool for when my husband and I will want to start making some smaller changes/updates. We are very pleased with the thoroughness and professionalism of All House and Al. I will use him again if I ever buy another home. I will also recommend him to anyone I hear of who is in the market to buy a home.
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– melbar1109

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